Question: Is starting a Computer Repair Business Viable in 2017?


We occasionally receive reader-submitted questions, and this is a common one when it comes to technology in 2017. A lot of people who have experience working with computers wonder if they might turn their talents and hobby into a profitable business. Specifically, they ask about the viability of starting up a computer repair or small business IT company in 2017. With so many companies embracing information technology, you think it would be easier than ever to break into the industry and make a killing off the need for skilled support.

Instead of attempting to answer this question on our own, we went directly to a reliable source by speaking to one such business in the country, ADIT Computer Services based in Sydney, a provider of computer repair services for homes and businesses. They told us a little bit more about what an aspiring entrepreneur should do to do well in the industry, “Get as many certifications as possible and try to get specialist knowledge in at least one territory. The vast majority of problems people will run into will be general hardware or software problems that can easily be fixed, but learning how to do something very specific will open you up to corporate clients, which could net you a good income on the side in concert with your regular IT and repair work.”

We asked them for a little more information: “So many servers are computers are using Linux nowadays, and many incoming computer repair specialists discount the operating system. With so many Linux distributions out there and a lack of specialists who know how to work with them, you’d be well-served to learn your way around Linux to provide specialized repairs and troubleshooting to residential and commercial users of the various Linux operating systems.”

Great advice from industry professionals on starting your own business.

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