Teaching a new generation of electricians


More people than ever seem to be considering the idea of become an apprentice to the trades. For a while in Australia and other western countries, blue collar work was considered less desirable than white collar work with few exceptions. Job security hasn’t been as good for business people and technology majors as it once was, especially after the global financial recession. For people who are passionate about becoming a tradesman, a career as an electrician provides a good income, a secure future in a high-demand industry, and an opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the country.

Electrician to the Rescue is one such Electrical company that hand-picks their staff from a pool of the best and most experienced electricians in the industry. They provide a variety of different services to residential and commercial customers across the local area, “If you’re a young person and you’re looking for a career, or even if you already have a career and you’re considering changing your profession, I highly recommend pursuing a career in electrical work if you have any interest in it at all.” Michael an Electrician at the company was happy to share his thoughts on how much he enjoys his career.

Schools should be focusing more on providing education for children in the way of trades. Fresh out of school, kids would have a much better chance doing well with a trades apprenticeship if they had been doing work in class related to their trade. This is why there has been a push lately for more vocational education in schools, and parents seem to like the idea, “I’m very concerned for my son’s future because of the economy and the job market,” Paula, a Melbourne resident, said, “If he pursued a career as an electrician, at least he would know that he had skills that were in demand.”

What are your opinions in the way that we’re teaching children in Australia? Leave your thoughts with our contact page, and we’ll feature your perspectives in an upcoming article.

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