Technology lessons from a Melbourne Building Inspector

Students using computers at school

You can gleam a lot of insight from places you wouldn’t normally look when you’re looking for information on technological trends. This is the reason that we reach out to all industries when we do our interviews, to find out how every individual and business in Australia and the world is interacting with technology on a daily basis. New innovations change the way we work, play, travel, and live. We trace the forward progress of science and innovation to get a better idea of how the world might look in the coming decades, and how the way we interact with businesses, vehicles, and our environment changes over time.

This time around, we spoke to a home inspector from Building Inspections Melbourne. Paul is a professional home inspector with 30+ years of experience in the field: “I think what’s most amazing about the way the technology has changed since I started is the number of tools that are available to you on the go,” Paul remarked, “I can take notes on my clients and their homes with applications like Evernote when I’m at their property, and this makes it a lot easier to go back and reference important information and keep better track of my clients whenever I’m on the move.”

Important lessons in technology can be gleamed from the home inspection industry, which requires inspectors not only to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of construction, utilities, electrical wiring, and more, but also requires a sharp memory, “I see programs like that as a second brain where I can store all of my information outside of my head and create a reference point for the future. It allows me to look back into the past and see how I’ve improved, as well. It’s an important tool not only for keeping track of client information and ongoing case notes but also for personal and professional development.”

As companies across the country continue to embrace changing technologies, new applications are constantly debuting that make it easier than ever to interact with clients and store crucial information on the go.

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